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Artist Bio

Sarah Royer studied traditional printmaking techniques for four years under Master Printmaker, Marvin Jones. Sarah began her professional career at Expressions Graphics in Oak Park, IL where she continued to learn from artists such as Eveline Kolign who taught Sarah the chine-colle´ process. Sarah made a shift from toxic traditional printmaking processes. In 2010, she took the first of several screen-printing classes taught by Angee Lennard at Spudnik Press in Chicago, IL. Sarah began working on her on-going Black & Gold screenprint series of photographs that she has taken on her travels. A transformation in her direction accompanied her migration from the Chicago area to Utopia Beach on the shores of Lake Erie.

While living in Cleveland, Royer joined Zygote Press. Waterloo Arts offered her the first local exhibition experience in DayGloSho 6 and 7. Keeping up with her contacts in Chicago, Sarah would occasionally visit, work, and exhibit there. On one of her visits, she was introduced to solar plates, a non-toxic etching technique. Excited to print etchings again, Sarah took a solar plate class with Janet Schill at Expressions Graphics in Oak Park, IL. With the new skill in hand, Sarah was able to adapt what she learned and use the light exposure unit at Zygote Press to create solar plate prints. Those works have been exhibited in Chicago, Lake Tahoe, Cleveland, and has also created several commission pieces.

Living in the Great Lakes region gives the unique accessibility to both the serenity and peace that the lake has to offer accompanied by the energy of a major city. Royer’s two main forms of expression are a balance of both nature and the city. She specializes in etchings and screen-prints.


Untitled – Etching with watercolor

Sarah Royer is a visual artist from Utopia Beach that specializes in screen-prints and etchings. Sarah Royer studied traditional intaglio etching for four years under Master Printmaker, Marvin Jones. Her etchings have an an indigenous quality.  She uses a variety of processes that range from traditional etching to more recent “non-toxic” solar plates, and laser cut wood.  Sarah’s work is a representation or a reflection of life experiences.  “My etchings are documents of a moment in time, it is a visual representation of a reflection to music, people, nature, and any thought provoking situation.” – Sarah Royer


“NYC” – Black & Gold Series

Sarah Royer, creates high contrast, screen-prints of digitally altered photos, that she has taken on her travels to cities throughout the US and Europe.  Inspired by architecture, art, and people, she captures a timeless quality in these iconic cities.  Influenced by Warhol, Royer uses the photographic emulsion process, to transfer her photos onto a silk-screen, creating a stencil that is ready to be printed.  “My work is about capturing an experience of a place and time and sharing it with others.  It is about the entire process from beginning to end.”  – Sarah Royer   

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